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Successful men about the most expensive – beard

Successful men about the most expensive – beard

10 July 2019

«When a couple of years ago, the beard once again came into fashion, the wife, noticing my slight unshaven, said that this image she finds attractive. I thought, why not try it? And since then I can’t imagine myself without a beard.

Such an appearance causes different reactions: for some, a beard is a symbol of seriousness, for others it is an object of kindly jokes. In any case, this is another reason to discuss with clients something other than the stock market, stocks and other professional topics.

At first, the beard delivered troubles. There were crumbs on it, and I didn’t always pay attention to them. Now used to follow this. My “bearded” status didn’t go unnoticed by women: they began to communicate more actively, with great interest. So I appeal to the stronger sex: do not be afraid to make an explicit emphasis on the male beginning, it only attracts the beautiful half of humanity.

I don’t spend big money on barbershop, but after each trip to the master I feel a surge of strength. After all, well-groomed appearance greatly adds confidence».


10 July 2019
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