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29 September 2020


The luxury housing sector in Andorra has shown resilience against the backdrop of the pandemic, prices for premium properties have remained stable. The small Principality, located in the mountains between France and Spain, has a developed hospitality infrastructure, beautiful natural landscapes, in addition, it has low tax rates and a completely favorable business regime.

These factors make Andorra a destination for tourists and businessmen alike. Foreigners often buy housing in Andorra. Some buyers plan to get a residence permit for the principality, there are also those who plan to rent out real estate and receive passive income in euros. Despite the fact that Andorra is not a member of the European Union, the Principality uses the euro as its official currency and enjoys some advantages as part of the EU Customs Union.

The constantly increasing flow of tourists from neighboring European countries creates a shortage of resort housing in Andorra, which favors the development of the rental property sector. Chalets, villas, apartments: despite their small size and limited plots for new construction, wealthy people will find options for the most discerning taste in the housing market of the Principality.


Home sales in Toronto, Canada grew by a record 40% over the year. These are the data of the report of the regional council for real estate. As of August, 10,755 transactions were concluded in the city, with detached and semi-detached houses and townhouses driving sales. The number of transactions with apartments in condominiums is also growing for the second month in a row, albeit to a lesser extent.

In August, the average selling price of all types of homes in Toronto jumped 20% year on year to $ 951,404. Detached houses sold for an average of $ 1.5 million, up 21.4% from last August. What’s more, sales of mansions rose 63.5% year over year. The number of transactions with detached luxury houses has reached 1,099.

Roughly the same situation is observed in the capital of Canada – Ottawa. Residential property prices have risen by 22% since August last year, and in the central areas of the city reached $ 660,000.

The fact that the Canadian housing market has recovered after the lockdown is evidenced by the fact that the number of new announcements at the end of August compared to last year has grown significantly. Most of the offers have increased in the segment of new apartments.

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29 September 2020
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