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Profitable countryside offers up to 150 million rubles

Profitable countryside offers up to 150 million rubles

15 March 2023

An ideal house with perfect architecture and interior

Velednikovo Deluxe, Novorizhskoe highway, 14 km

  • 360 sq.m
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 16 acres

Price: 127 million rubles.

Exclusive! House on a forest plot with turnkey finishing

Novorizhsky Borki, Novorizhskoe highway, 30 km

  • 477 sq.m
  • 4 bedrooms 
  • 15 acres

Price: 65 million rubles.

A modern house with timber framing technology is ready for living

Etude Family Club, Pyatnitskoe highway, 8 km

  • 330 sq.m
  • 4 bedrooms 
  • 12 acres

Price: 79 million rubles.

Stylish house in a convenient location

Novodaryino Ras, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, 19 km

  • 330 sq.m
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 6 acres

Price: 69 million rubles.

Cozy house with a gorgeous swimming pool

Kezmino, Novorizhskoe highway, 33 km

  • 750 sq.m
  • 5 bedrooms 
  • 15 acres

Price: 88 million rubles.

Collector’s land plot with a discount of 16%

Chateau Sovereign, Novorizhskoe highway, 18 km

  • 27 acres
  • central communications

Price: 45 million rubles.

1,7 million rubles per acre 

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