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Macrooverview of the current week

Macrooverview of the current week

22 February 2023

US technology companies have risen critically in price

Shares of companies in the US technology sector relative to the S&P 500 index are close to the levels of the dotcom bubble.

In the long term, relative prices in the technology segment look too high.

The Nasdaq index fell by 33% last year, but rose by 16% in the first two weeks of 2023.

One thing can definitely be said: the market is too nervous.

C&S: confusion and staggering

Recent market fluctuations perfectly fit into the concept of Confusion and Staggering.

No one is increasing capital investments, although everyone is talking about underinvestment.

Almost a quarter of world trade is hidden in the gray zone.

“Green” energy reminds of itself, but quieter and quieter.

The world continues to buy “banned” oil, but under different tickers.

The US is going to replenish the SPR, but not right now.

The exchanges are confused, which leads to a large amplitude of fluctuations.

22 February 2023
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