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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

15 February 2023

Orange juice: a great investment

Orange juice prices soared 3.5% to $2,520 per pound.

This is the maximum price in the entire history of observations since 1967.

There is bad weather in Florida, and because of the hurricane, 56% fewer oranges will be harvested here than a season earlier.

Brazil and Mexico, the key suppliers, also faced problems: the weather delays the harvest.

The shortage of supply will increase the costs of beverage manufacturers and raise prices.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Another “meme phenomenon”

Bed Bath & Beyond will raise $1 billion to avoid bankruptcy.

In order to do this, the company will place preferred shares and bonds.

The desperate attempt to find an option to prevent the collapse of the company was positively evaluated by investors – at the main auction on Monday, securities were more expensive by more than 92%.

Bed Bath & Beyond shares are a vivid example of the market “meme phenomenon”, when securities move with a large amplitude in response to minor news. In 2022, they became more expensive by 400% after R. Cohen’s speeches.

Someone, apparently, really likes to “ride” on Bed Bath & Beyond shares.

15 February 2023
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Macrooverview of the current week

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