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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

10 August 2022

US medical companies will make money on monkeypox

Monkeypox is a new reason for declaring an emergency in the United States. Currently, slightly less than 7 thousand cases of the virus have been registered in the country, no deaths have been recorded. However, the trend is frightening, and this is the reason to attract attention to pharmaceutical companies and their securities.

The shares of Applied ADNA Sciences increased in value- the company is working on a PCR test to detect the monkeypox virus. Others will come here very quickly – the entire medical segment of the US stock market can react positively.

Virgin Galactic disappointed investors

Virgin Galactic has once again postponed its commercial flight program. Plans have already changed several times: first, flights were postponed to the IV quarter of 2022, then to the I quarter of 2023, now the start is expected no earlier than the II quarter of next year.

The idea of making money on space tourists seemed to make the work of Virgin Galactic more understandable and mundane, but the transfer of plans upset the stock market dreamers.

Virgin Galactic shares have fallen by almost 13%. Disappointment is a strong factor.

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