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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

27 July 2022

Verizon: not the best news

The competitive environment for telecom service providers in the United States is deteriorating, profit forecasts are falling due to the discrepancy between reality and expectations for the rate of increase in the subscriber base.                

Verizon’s report for the second quarter showed that symbolic revenue growth and a drop in adjusted EPS significantly worsened forecasts for the whole of 2022.

Against this background, the payment of dividends by the company does not really make the prospects of the securities better.

At today’s price of $45, Verizon shares may fall to $40-42, from where a new round of demand may take the paper to $57.

Amazon Goes to the Healthcare Sector

Amazon buys One Medical for $3.9 billion. This is approximately $18 per share of a company providing first aid. Before the announcement of the news, ONEM securities were trading at $ 9-10, immediately after – soared to $ 17.

With such a deal, Amazon is getting deeper into the healthcare sector. In the long run, this will strengthen its position in the market.

    27 July 2022
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    Macro overview of the current week

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