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Macro overview of the current week

Macro overview of the current week

23 September 2020

Shares of the British bank HSBC on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell to a minimum in 25 years, Bloomberg reports. The decline in the share price came after the bank was mentioned in a suspicious transaction investigation. HSBC shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell 5.33% to 29.3 Hong Kong dollars, according to trading data on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The last time such a price was marked in May 1995, the agency emphasizes.

Standard Chartered shares fell 6.2% at the close in Hong Kong.

HSBC said in a statement that it embarked on a “multi-year journey” eight years ago to completely rethink its ability to fight financial crime in more than 60 jurisdictions, making it “a much safer institution than it was in 2012.” Standard Chartered said it takes responsibility for combating financial crime “extremely seriously and has invested heavily in our compliance programs.”

Data on suspicious transactions of international banks became known thanks to the leak of documents from FinCEN – a special unit for combating financial crimes in the structure of the US Treasury. The documents were then handed over to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Buzzfeed did not disclose the source of the leaked documents, but former senior FinCEN employee Natalie Edwards admitted to handing over the documents to reporters. Thus, she wanted to draw public attention to the information about the world money laundering system contained in the documents. Edwards is currently awaiting sentencing in the United States.

Among the financial transactions that the banks reporting to FinCEN found suspicious, in particular, were those of Ayrton Development Limited. The company, according to the BBC, was deemed by Barclays to belong to the sanctioned Arkady Rotenberg.

A selection of Tesla news

Musk chilled expectations before Battery Day

The founder of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, Elon Musk, on Monday evening cooled investors’ expectations regarding the upcoming Battery Day, which will take place on September 22, as a result of which the company’s shares fell on the postmarket, today they are losing 3% in the premarket.

Musk tweeted that the devices unveiled at Battery Day won’t reach serious mass production until 2022, but they are important for the long-term production of the Semi, Cybertruck and Roadster.

“We intend to increase, rather than reduce, purchases of batteries from Panasonic, LG and CATL (possibly from other partners). However, even though our battery suppliers are operating at top speed, we still project significant shortages in 2022 and beyond, unless we take action ourselves, ”Musk said.

The company is expected to reveal the specification of the new battery cells on Tuesday. We are talking about the very battery that can last more than 1 million miles. A long awaited event – investors are looking for technologies that will surpass the traditional automotive industry.

Tesla Expands in Singapore

Tesla has posted fresh job postings in Singapore, suggesting that the electric car maker is preparing to enter the market in this wealthy city-state, which it has so far bypassed, Bloomberg writes.

The company posted ads on LinkedIn looking for senior developers in Singapore after it began recruiting people for vacancies such as store managers and sales consultants back in July.

Elon Musk’s company quickly expanded its activities in the Asia-Pacific region, covering such large markets as Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Taiwan, but is not yet represented in Singapore. At the same time, Musk himself even criticized this city for not supporting the use of electric vehicles. Tesla does not yet have showrooms in Singapore, where the premium car market is dominated by brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz Daimler.

However, things are changing, and according to the government of that state, it is planned to phase out the use of cars powered by fossil fuels by 2040 and instead stimulate the purchase of electric vehicles.

The supply of electric vehicles from Tesla’s Shanghai plant to other countries in Asia, including Singapore, will begin later this year or early 2021, according to informed sources.

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23 September 2020
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