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Leading countries for buying real estate in Turkey in February

Leading countries for buying real estate in Turkey in February

24 March 2023

The Turkish Statistical Institute, having published data on housing sales in the Republic of Turkey for the second month of 2023, also presented the traditional rating of the TOP 20 states whose citizens have purchased the most lots – apartments and detached houses. 

The top three have remained unchanged for many months: These are Russia, Iran and Iraq. But this time Israel also got into the “twenty leaders”. 

Here are the exact numbers:

Russia – 1183 housing transactions;

Iran – 448 deals;

Iraq – 173;

Ukraine – 142;

Kazakhstan – 133;

Germany – 124;

China – 85;

Kuwait – 73;

Azerbaijan – 73;

Afghanistan – 69;

Saudi Arabia – 62;

USA – 54;

England – 43;

Palestine – 41;

Egypt – 36;

Jordan – 34;

Pakistan – 33;

Yemen – 32;

Sweden – 30; 

Israel – 28.

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    24 March 2023
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