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Investing In Art At Art Fair Philippines 2019

Investing In Art At Art Fair Philippines 2019

29 August 2019

When Art Fair Philippines launched in 2013, organizers meant to create a platform for artists, galleries and curators to exhibit Philippine contemporary art. The event was also specifically designed so that collectors both seasoned and new could acquire new pieces, interact and possibly get to know budding Philippine artists up close. The choice in location spoke volumes about the direction Art Fair wanted to take. Veering far away from the contrived, glib and oftentimes intimidating setup of museums or galleries, they transformed a multi level parking lot at the heart of the capitals CBD into an otherworldly art galaxy.

Art Fair Philippines has since become one of most exciting events in the local art scene. The crowd it draws in has grown significantly throughout the years. It has welcomed experts and aficionados with the same open arms that it did with students, enthusiasts, neophytes and yes, even those who are simply curious. A ccessibility and inclusivity have become cornerstones of Art Fair Philippines. Here, everyone is welcome. There are hardly any snobs who will give you a condescending look for not being able to immediately identify a piece by Jigger Cruz. Instead, what you will find are curators, gallery owners or even artists themselves, eager to impart information and knowledge to anyone with an open mind. This is why Art Fair, for many an aspiring collector, has become a playground for learning, discovery and immersion. In the six short years since it first launched, it has become living testament that the local art scene is, indeed, vibrant and thriving.

The growing number of young art collectors makes our art scene dynamic and exciting. Apart from putting money into real estate, stocks, bonds or start up businesses, young professionals are now finding intrinsic value in investing in the arts. Little surprise then that Bank of the Philippines Islands, one of the biggest financial institutions in the Philippines has also shown support for Art Fair Philippines. “Other than creating awareness on art as an investment, we hope to create awareness of art in its various forms, and appreciate the effort and process that go with every piece, especially considering that art is a wise investment,” says BPI Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Office Cathy Santamaria. She adds, “We want to start with our clients as we help them see art not only as a thing of beauty, but also as an investment. We believe investing in art can be part of increasing one’s assets if done right.”  During Art Fair, Bank of the Philippines Islands, forged partnerships with participating galleries allowing clients of the bank to purchase using their credits cards. BPI also mounted an exhibit of works by internationally acclaimed artist David Medalla during the three-day event.


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