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How to get a Golden Dubai Visa through an investment platform?

How to get a Golden Dubai Visa through an investment platform?

14 June 2023

For the first time in Dubai, investors will be able to get a Golden Visa through a digital investment platform.

Investors who need a Golden Visa can now obtain a 10-year residence permit in the UAE by investing just 2 million AED ($544,618) or more in Dubai’s fast-growing real estate market through the online real estate technology platform Stake.

There are no restrictions on where investors must reside in order to qualify for a Golden Visa, provided that the minimum investment threshold of 2 million AED is met.

While real estate investments usually require large amounts of upfront capital and involve a high level of risk in the case of off-plan projects, investors worldwide can get started on the platform for as little as 500 AED ($136).

The Golden Visa attracts foreign investors seeking long-term residence in the UAE, especially from the Middle East and North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and Russia.

Instead of investing 2 million dirhams in a single property, the online real estate technology platform allows investors to distribute their capital among several properties located in the best areas of Dubai to create a diversified real estate portfolio.

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