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How to choose a sailing yacht?

How to choose a sailing yacht?

16 August 2023

Most people who have bought a yacht consider this event to be the second largest and most important after buying a house.

Regardless of whether you want to buy a sailing yacht that has just left the shipyard or has already been used, there are a huge number of questions that should be clarified before buying. 

Who am I going to travel with?

Sailboats are divided into those that can be operated alone (singlehanded) or together (doublehanded), with an incomplete crew (shorthanded) and only with a full crew.

It is important for the future owner to decide from the very beginning in which company he is going to go out on the water. With family, friends, maybe alone? Will the services of a professional crew (at least a ship master) be required? Will there be children on board? The answers to these questions will determine the desired level of comfort of the yacht, its size and the number of cabins, without which it will be inconvenient to travel on it.

In which water area am I going to use the yacht?

Cruising range – this parameter is related to the fuel reserve and engine power, it is important only for motor yachts. However, a sailboat requires more involvement during transitions. You depend on the changeable wind and must constantly adjust the sails to it. It is not so easy to do this and, probably, you will almost always need at least one more person on board (and preferably several). 

Most novice yachtsmen will agree that it is very easy and comfortable to operate a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean and there is a good maritime infrastructure. The choice of the location of your yacht is determined by the presence of berths, marinas, as well as tides, weather conditions and the intensity of ship traffic at sea.

It is also necessary to take into account the draft of the boat in order to go comfortably in some waters, for example, in the Bahamas, the draft of the boat should be small — it is too shallow near beautiful coral reefs.

There are hundreds of sailing yacht manufacturers producing different models, and narrowing down the parameters you need when selecting can be a real test. Yachts are very different from each other and the choice can be difficult.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office together with partners provides a full range of exclusive services: sale and rental of yachts, yacht management, repair, as well as the construction of ships on an individual project. 

We work with the best projects and give our clients only the most favorable conditions. We have a diverse selection of yachts for every most demanding taste. Modern and comfortable yachts are ideal for buying, renting and relaxing with family and friends. 

There are all classes of yachts available that will allow you to make a comfortable and reliable transition of any range.

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