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How to check real estate ads in Dubai using a QR code?

How to check real estate ads in Dubai using a QR code?

17 May 2023

From April 24, 2023, buyers of Dubai real estate will be able to easily check the legitimacy and relevance of ads for the sale of residential properties by simply scanning a QR code.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD), through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), has issued a circular confirming the launch of a new intellectual service called Madmoun.

In addition to the QR code, users can access the DLD website to view all other information about the ad, including the status and characteristics of the object.

This innovation is in line with DLD’s strategy aimed at making Dubai a “world leader in real estate investment” by using technology to develop real estate products in accordance with the instructions of the emirate’s leadership.

Recall the advantages of buying real estate in Dubai:

  • stable income in foreign currency due to rent up to 7-8% (at the same time, you can stay outside the UAE by registering real estate management services);
  • the possibility of remote purchase and further rental of real estate without coming to the country;
  • mortgage loans at low rates (for non-residents they are 5-7%);
  • a wide range of offers for buying real estate for cryptocurrency;
  • obtaining a resident visa for investing in real estate (from 750 thousand dirhams, or 204 thousand dollars), which opens up many opportunities — from zero taxes to direct access to local exchanges;
  • no income tax for residents (including income from renting out real estate)

If you need help in buying and renting real estate in Dubai, leave a request in the form below and we will contact you soon for a detailed consultation.

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