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Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer Confidence Index

13 October 2020
12.10.202011-00 MSK
Speech by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Ramsden
14-00 MSK
Speech by Lagarde – President of the ECB
19-00 MSK
Bank of England Governor Bailey speaking
13.10.2020 2-00 MSK
UK retail sales
6-00 MSK
China export volume
9-00 MSK
Average wages in the UK
9-00 MSK
Change in the number of applications for unemployment in the UK
12-00 MSK
German consumer price index
15-30 MSK
German Economic Sentiment Index
14.10.2020 2-30 MSK
Australian Consumer Sentiment Index
3-00 MSK
Singapore GDP
7-30 MSK
Industrial production in Japan
12-00 MSK
The volume of industrial production in the European Union
15-30 MSK
US Producer Price Index
15.10.20203-30 MSK
Change in employment in Australia
3-30 MSK
Australia unemployment rate
4-30 MSK
China consumer price index
7-30 MSK
Japan Services PMI
9-30 MSK
Swiss Producer Price Index
9-45 MSK
French consumer price index
15-30 MSK
The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits in the United States
16-00 MSK
International reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
16.10.20201-45 MSK
New Zealand consumer price index
11-00 MSK
Italian consumer price index
12-00 MSK
European Union Consumer Price Index
15-30 MSK
US retail sales
16-15 MSK
US industrial production
20-30 MSK
Producer price index in the Russian Federation

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