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Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer Confidence Index

3 March 2021
0-30 МСК
AIG Manufacturing Index
4-45 МСК
Chinese Manufacturing PMI
11-00 МСК
Spanish Manufacturing PMI
11-55 МСК
German Manufacturing PMI
12-30 МСК
British Manufacturing PMI
2-30 МСК
Japanese Unemployment Rate
6-30 МСК
RBA Interest Rate Decision
11-55 МСК
German Unemployment Change
16-30 МСК
Canadian GDP
22-00 МСК
FOMC Member Daly Speaks
3-30 МСК
Australian GDP
9-00 МСК
Markit Services PMI
9-45 МСК
Swiss GDP
15-30 МСК
British Annual Budget Release
18-30 МСК
Crude Oil Inventories in USA
3-30 МСК
Australian Retail Sales
3-30 МСК
Australian Trade Balance
12-30 МСК
British Construction PMI
16-30 МСК
Initial jobless cliams in USA
18-00 МСК
Factory Orders in USA
8-00 МСК
Singaporean Retail Sales
16-30 МСК
Unemployment Rate in USA
16-30 МСК
American Trade Balance
19-00 МСК
Russian CPI
22-00 МСК
US Federal Budget
3 March 2021
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