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Company registration in Bahrain

Company registration in Bahrain

29 March 2023

Bahrain is considered the smallest Arab state. An interesting and strategically important point: the presence of a road connection in the form of a bridge with Saudi Arabia. 

The state authorities have a positive attitude towards foreign investors, who consider Bahrain to be an excellent alternative to the UAE. That is why many of our clients are interested in registering a company in Bahrain.

Advantages of the jurisdiction for business:

  • The ability to save up to 50% on operating costs when doing business (compared to neighboring countries)
  • Super friendly legal and tax system (English law, no income tax and capital tax, the entire territory of the country is a free economic zone)
  • The cost of living is 30-50% lower compared to other Gulf countries. Modern residential and commercial real estate of world class
  • Direct route and connection with Saudi Arabia
  • Developed infrastructure
  • The company can absolutely be non-resident
  • The process of business registration in this country is easier than in other Arab jurisdictions

The main forms of business in Bahrain:

  • With Limited Liability
  • Bahrain Holding Company
  • Single Person Company

How to quickly open a company in Bahrain?

Registration of a company in Bahrain takes from 10-20 days, but for some businesses that require a large number of approvals, it may take longer.

Requirements for company registration in Bahrain in 2023:

  • Documents of beneficiaries, directors, shareholders that will confirm the identity of each of them
  • Business plan

If you are interested in registering a company in Bahrain or opening an account, leave a request in the form below and our specialists will contact you soon to clarify all the details.

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