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Bank cards for Russians in Turkey

Bank cards for Russians in Turkey

3 May 2023

Great news for Russians investing in Turkey for the purpose of living, as well as for those who rent real estate: there is hope that the issue of the inability to pay in Turkey with anything other than cash will soon be resolved. 

Recently it became known that Russia and Turkey are actively working on a payment system for visitors from the Russian Federation, so that guests of the country – tourists and those who get a residence permit and stay there to live – have the opportunity to use bank cards. To do this, one will have to resort to a special, newly created payment system – Rebit Card.

Thanks to it, theoretically, it will be possible to pay with cards – however, only debit cards, there is no discussion around credit cards yet.

The future partner service is created primarily for the convenience of tourists and to maintain the tourist flow from Russia to Turkey. 

However, if this idea can be implemented as quickly as possible, it will simplify the life of “temporary immigrants” – those who moved to Turkey for several months or years and preferred to rent an apartment. Rental rates continue to grow, and it is difficult to bring or receive such a large amount of cash from the Russian Federation to pay off with landlords.

Now is the right time to buy a property in Turkey for investment, own residence or rental.

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