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On 24/07 amid escalating tensions between the US and China, major Wall Street indexes went into the red

On 24/07 amid escalating tensions between the US and China, major Wall Street indexes went into the red

1 August 2020

Let’s consider the most interesting changes that were observed on this day.

After the release of the financial report for the second quarter, the company’s shares fell more than 16%. The company also announced that the release of the announced 7nm processor is delayed by six months. Chips made using this technology are expected to be released in 2021.

Stocks soared to all-time highs, gaining more than 16% to hit $ 67.95.
AMD already sells 7-7nm chips for PCs and gaming devices. The company previously unveiled the first Ryzen desktop accelerators using the microarchitecture of the Zen 2 processor core. They are scheduled for release in the third quarter.

Western digital
Intel’s disappointing release prompted investors to ditch the assets and a number of other chipmakers, including Western Digital. Western Digital, a leader in hard drives and flash drives, traded 5.73% lower at $ 43.52 on 24/07.

The company will present its financial report on August 5. According to preliminary forecasts, the company’s revenue will be $ 4.3 billion, and earnings per share – $ 1.22.

Micron shares also fell on 24/07 to $ 50.26 (down 4.5%). The company lost about 9% during 2020.

However, most analysts are optimistic about Micron. For example, according to Needham analyst Rajvindra Gill, the development of 5G will lift Micron shares and provide securities in 2021 with “strong growth.”

Take-Two Interactive
Gaming maker Take-Two Interactive on 24/07 rose 2.74% to $ 155.63. Previously, Stifel raised its Take-Two Interactive pricing tier to $ 170 from $ 150.

V. Waldorfs, a trader with many years of experience, commented: “The whole problem of Intel, in addition to the fact that the company suffered a reputation loss in connection with Apple’s refusal to further use their chips in notebook production, is that by the time 7nm chips are released, competitors will have 5 -nm offers, thus the company has turned from a market leader into a catch-up one. The company’s financial performance is solid as a rock, but how long will the company last if everyone goes to a competitor en masse? WD hasn’t made investors happy for the last 5-7 years. MU is doing well and soon the company may start to grow to its previous highs of 63 or even historical highs of 90+. TTWO feels great both during the Covid-19 period and in general, this is confirmed by the price of securities that are at their maximum. In addition to the GTA bestseller, the portfolio includes companies such as Rockstar games and 2k sports, a competing sports simulator with EA.

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1 August 2020
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