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Marco overview of the current week

Marco overview of the current week

19 October 2022

Oil tankers are becoming more expensive

The cost of oil tankers capable of sailing in icy waters has risen sharply.

Some Alfamax vessels were sold at a price of $31-24 million this season, which is twice as expensive as a year earlier.

Tankers are in high demand amid future restrictions on Urals oil exports.                                                                                            Buyers are aggressively raising prices, making a kind of investment in the future.

Computer sales in the world are falling

Global computer sales in the third quarter fell by 19.5%. This is the largest decline since the beginning of the collection of relevant data.

The reason for low demand may be market saturation.

The problems may be hidden in economic uncertainty and consumers’ more selective attitude to spending.

The market leaders – Lenovo, HP and Dell – lost 15%, 28% and 21% of sales, respectively.

19 October 2022
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