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Financial market analysis

25 November 2020

Forecasts of the leading trader Valdis Wooldorfs:


Markets continue to rise. All American indices are at their maximum values. The S & P500 has only 20 pips left before the new ATH. It is possible to go higher, as predicted by Goldman Sachs – higher to 3800. We do not really understand such euphoria against the background of the second wave of lockdown and complete uncertainty with the US elections, but this does not prevent us from having an 80% full stock portfolio.

PA (Palladium)

During the week, I punctured to 2273, this is certainly not 2250 as we said last week, but it was also possible to try to take it there. The last value is 2345, the target is up to 2500.

GC (Gold)

Looks great at the 1800 level we announced last week. Aggressive investors can enter now, but keep in mind that we can still go to 1700 (if yes, then this is where you need to make the maximum purchases). We will not set goals for now, because if the uptrend resumes now, the asset will boldly overcome the previous maximum of 2090.

CL (WTI Oil)

It continues to grow and has already broken through the previous local maximum of 43.80. The last value is 45.50. So it can reach the level of 50.00. Buy late, sell early.

NG (Gas)

Whoever bought from the 2.60 / 2.70 levels recommended by us last week already has a good profit. The minimum target is 3.00, then 3.40. Do not forget to set breakeven.

KC (Coffee)

Yes, the asset went into correction, as we expected. This time the movement did not go unnoticed, and we were able to fully earn more than 5% within the day.


While it continues to decline, a sharp puncture is possible up to 74.50. Still, it looks more like a long. As soon as oil goes into correction, then the ruble will probably consolidate at 78.

BTC (Bitcoin)

Closely approached the previous historic maximum. We carefully look at the correction, perhaps there will be a sharp movement. Level 14000/14500 is a great buy opportunity. We wait.

HG (Copper)

The current level is 3.32. We wait. The nearest upward level is 3.40.

PL (Platinum)

There is a slight uncorrelation with other precious metals. It continues to grow. The last value is 970. The stop will be either here, or will reach the level of 1040.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

There was an opportunity to enter short again in the middle of the week. While we are sitting from the highs 174. The last value is 172.50

DX (Dollar Index)

More and more experts are inclined to believe that the dollar index will go down by 10-20%, which is very significant. While we are at the lower border of the channel – 92.10, we managed to sell at 93 and are waiting for how the situation will develop.


During the week, we also managed to enter USD / TRY from 7.6 and EUR / TRY from 9.00, both trades also give a good plus.

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25 November 2020
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