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Financial market analysis

Financial market analysis

18 November 2020

Leading trader Valdis Vuldorfs predictions:

ES (S&P500)

As we expected, the index went up to its maximum values, trading is generally quite calm, but the markets are overheated and a correction to 3400 levels from the current 3610 is possible.

PA (Palladium)

From mid-July it is in a weakly ascending channel. Purchases should be renewed no earlier than from 2250.

GC (Gold)

Continues indistinct and lingering correction. In case of drawdowns below 1800/1700, you can think about buying, now it is neutral.

CL (WTI Oil)

Despite the last rise from 34/35 to the current 41 and the fact that we are in the channel, I would assume that we will go lower again to the 37 levels.

NG (Gas)

Gas, having set this year’s record at 3.40, corrected by 2.68 and now it is a great opportunity to buy with targets of at least 3.00 and possibly higher.

KC (Coffee)

Finally, there was a breakdown upward, as we expected. In the current rise, however, we did not participate, but it may be appropriate to enter from the correction. Last value 119.73


Neutral week for the ruble. The last value is 76.26. The uptrend is still preserved, so for those who have no position, you can start buying and keep in mind that we can drop below 75, but then most likely we will go back to the last highs – 81

BTC (Bitcoin)

The unrestrained growth continues, the last prices are 17600. It would be logical to move to 14000 from the current levels and only then continue the rally after the breakout of ATH – 19870. It is also noteworthy that the rest of the cryptocurrencies did not even begin to grow, so various options are possible here.

HG (Copper)

3.20. Local maximum. The nearest upward level is 3.40.

PL (Platinum) 

The upward shot has occurred, but so far not very strong. The last value is 932. Will you have enough strength to go further or will go lower again – we will soon find out.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

The entire week is being bought out from the minimum values, it is not clear whether the upward movement will continue, because we are still in a declining channel.

DX (Dollar Index)

More and more experts are inclined to believe that the dollar index will go down by 10-20%, which is very significant. While we are at the lower border of the channel – 92.40, while we managed to sell at 93 and are waiting for the situation to develop.

RU.TOCOM (Rubber futures)

From the price indicated by us (220), rubber passed + 15% to the level of 252.5.

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18 November 2020
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