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Financial market analysis

4 November 2020

Leading trader Valdis Vuldorfs predictions:

ES (S&P500)During the week the index went down to 3225 and managed to rise again to 3400. Everyone is in suspense today to announce the new US president. No positions yet.

PA (Palladium)The uptrend remains, there is no doubt that the metal will manage to hit the previous high at 2490 and possibly go even higher to the 2790 levels. Currently it is correcting slightly. The last values ​​are 2265.

GC (Gold)The longer we stay above 1900, the greater the chances of continuing to move up to the previous highs of 2080. Just like with the SNP500, you should watch the US elections.

CL (WTI Oil) Broke the lower border of this narrow corridor (42/36). The low last week was 33.70. The main drivers are consumption reduction lockdowns. By the end of Tuesday, it rebounded slightly and is at 38.30, I would recommend considering points for selling.

NG (Gas) Gas having set this year’s record at 3.40 from was corrected by 3.06 and is now at a crossroads – a hike higher to 3.40 and further to 4.0, or still a deeper correction to 2.60.

KC (Coffee) Volatility has completely disappeared from this asset. Currently dancing about 1.02 / 1.05. Makes weak attempts to grow.

USD/RUB Our forecast turned out to be correct, the level 80.00 was taken, only 1 level remained up – this is 81.60. We will observe the development of events.

BTC (Bitcoin) It keeps at levels 14000, does not fall or grow. The correction to the 12000 level is more than real. As we said last week, it is better to trade at least 50% of the speculative position here.

HG (Copper) For copper, the level of 3.20 was taken, but something went wrong and the market went into a drawdown, the last value was 3.08. The uptrend continues, it makes sense to resume buying no earlier than 3.00.

PL (Platinum) Perhaps the most boring market from the end of September will be platinum. Trading in a very narrow range. The last value is 860, they can push and break through the level of 825. We must watch.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures) Local minimums were updated within a week – 170.30. But yesterday we saw a record intraday growth for the whole year – the asset passed 3.5 figures – this is about 2 times more than the average. Closing price 173.73. Of course, this is not yet an uptrend, but sellers have jumped out of the asset.

DX (Dollar Index) In the corridor 94.80 – 92 it can be located in blocks, as soon as it comes out, interest immediately appears. The last value is 93.05.

RU.TOCOM (Rubber futures) It began its correction and in addition to the ever-green candles we saw red ones. It would be nice if the rubber reached 230/240, that’s where we will pick it up. The last value was 280. And last week’s high was 330.

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4 November 2020
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