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Financial market analysis

24 October 2020

ES (S & P500)

After taking the local maximum in the week before last at 3550, the S & P500 corrected all last week and closes the day at 3430. At 3385, purchases can be resumed, but it is worth remembering that it is better to remain without positions on this asset before the election.

PA (Palladium)

The uptrend is maintained and today palladium has returned to growth. There is no doubt that the metal will manage to hit the previous high at 2490 and possibly go even higher towards the 2790 levels.

GC (Gold)

It is extremely difficult for gold to grow, the metal looks more towards the dynamics of the DX (Dollar Index). If it does not hold at 1900 now, it will drop to 1850. However, the longer we stay at the level above 1900, the more chances for the continuation of the upward movement to the previous highs of 2080. In this case, just like with the S & P500, you should monitor the US elections …

CL (WTI Oil)

The oil was moving sideways again. The last value of 41.30 is exactly the same as last week. Anything outside the 41/36 range will provide food for thought.

NG (Gas)

It seems that the gas will nevertheless attempt to take the 3.1 or even 3.9 levels from the current 2.9.

KC (Coffee)

We did not wait for the level of 1.16, we had to break even at 1.06. The last value is 1.0478. It looks like the coffee will drop below 1.00 again.


It looks as if the ruble is about to break the trend from early June and we will see a correction to the levels of 75.60 or below.

BTC (Bitcoin)

I started to move to the level of 12000, we have been writing about this for 4 weeks, the current value is 11900, there is not much left. After 12000 we can accelerate to 14000.

HG (Copper)

The 3.10 level is broken and copper is trying to gain a foothold above, the last value is 3.142. The road at 3.4 is open.

PL (Platinum)

It is trying to gain a foothold at the current levels of 880, to a greater extent “looks” at the dynamics of other metals.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

Attempts to either break or bounce off the previous low at 173.30. If down, the nearest target is close – 172.60.

DX (Dollar Index)

In the corridor 94.80 – 92 it can be in blocks, as soon as it comes out, interest will immediately appear. The last value is 93.10.

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24 October 2020
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