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Financial market analysis

22 December 2021

Forecasts of the head of the trading department Valdis Wooldorfs:

ES (S & P500)

The last value is 4649. After a short period of reflection, the market went up again. We managed to take a few different securities, it looks like there are chances to renew the maximum values again. We are watching.

PA (Palladium)

The last value is 1793. Instead of the 1500 we announced, palladium went up to 1531, which is also not bad. Selling levels 1920 and 2070. Monitoring.

GC (Gold)

The last value is 1789. The deal to buy call and put options was closed at 1810 level, which gave 20% return on invested capital. Neutral, out of position.

CL (WTI Oil)

Oil continues to form a triangle, from which a strong exit may follow in one direction or the other. If significant growth continues on Wednesday, then you can buy. Out of position. Monitoring.

NG (Gas)

The last value is 3.87. We are still buying. We expect a rebound to 4.20 / 4.40, and maybe up to 4.70. Although the deal carries a certain risk, statistically, now the odds are in our favour. Monitoring.

KC (Coffee)

Coffee is moving in a rising trend. Buy levels are 219, 207. The last value is 229.05. Out of position.


The last value is 74. Our forecast given 4 weeks ago is justified – in the next month we will see a new corridor between 73 and 77. We do not see the points from where you can start trading. Waiting.

BTC (Bitcoin)

The last value is 49000. The retest 42500 did not happen. After today’s buyout, there are real chances to continue the growth. We bought a small volume. Target 55000.

HG (Copper)

The last value is 4.35. Globally, copper has been holding corridor 4.84 – 4.00 for too long. We suppose that a new attempt will soon be made to break through the maximum or minimum, but 100% of the entry points are not visible yet.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

Despite the obvious sideways since the end of May 2021, bonds are still under pressure. The last value is 161.94. Chances are good that we will go 155 or lower again. Out of position, monitoring.

DX (Dollar Index)

The dollar index is near its maximum – 96.44. Buy levels are 95.20, 94.40. We are waiting.

TSLA (Tesla)

This week’s bonus will be Tesla stock, which can go 1,000-1050 or even higher. That can give more than 10% of the transaction.

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