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Financial market analysis

5 May 2021

Forecasts of the head of the trading department Valdis Wooldorfs:

ES (S & P500)

Oh, this volatile day after a two-week calm! In fact, the market is trying to start its correction, which we have been talking about for a long time. Quite acceptable correction levels will be 4000. We think that it makes sense to resume buying from this level.

PA (Palladium)

The last value was 3006. The second part of the deal was closed at 3000 (+ 240% on the invested capital!). The market continues to drag higher and higher, a sharp 200-300 point correction is possible.

GC (Gold)

After being stuck at 1800, gold is gradually decreasing. The last value is 1775. We may well go below 1720-1680.

CL (WTI Oil)

Oil continues to move uptrend. Looks like we are going to 66/68 again. We close our long, bought at 61.00 here at 66.40.

NG (Gas)

So we saw the acceleration after fixing above the 2.7 level. The last value is 2.978. Take profit on the second part of the order to buy gas at 3.0 was triggered.

KC (Coffee)

The last value is 140.05. After taking local maximums at 145.80, it “cools down” a little.


The last value is 74.75. Practically without any movement all week. We wait.

BTC (Bitcoin)

After our exit at 55,000 with a result of + 10% for the day of trading, the cryptocurrency rose slightly higher to 58,000. But for the second day it has been trading lower. At the moment, there is a high probability of continuation of the correction, since the first cryptocurrency is losing amplitude. The next downward movement can be sharp and strong, up to 30,000.

HG (Copper)

The last value is 4.54. A new local maximum has been taken. You should also be careful here, a strong correction up to 4.11 is possible. We recommend closing profitable trades.

PL (Platinum)

Platinum is drifting sideways, we are still waiting for the 1350 levels for 50% of the remaining position, while it stands without loss at the 1130 entry level.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

Bonds were trading sideways all week, there is nothing interesting here yet, we are passing by.

DX (Dollar Index)

As we expected, the index seems to have gone back to 93. The last value is 91.40.

5 May 2021
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