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Financial market analysis

24 March 2021

Forecasts of the head of the trading department Valdis Wooldorfs:

ES (S&P 500)

The market moves in different directions. And if NASDAQ100 has significantly crouched from its highs and still cannot recover, then DJ30 is close to its historical highs. S & P500 shows average dynamics. Everyone is still looking at the actions of the regulator, the success or failure of vaccinations, and the conflict between the United States and China. It is very likely that the S & P500 will try to make another attempt to grow, although it is dangerous to buy here. It is better to consider local stories in separate promotions.

PA (Palladium)

So the price broke through the narrow 400-point corridor. The maximum last week was 2748. Now the price has retraced slightly to 2606. Most likely, after the retest, the level of 2500 will show growth again. I think it makes sense to try to buy from 2500 with targets of 2750 or higher.

GC (Gold)

We closed the purchased gold at 1700 at 1750 levels. Now the dynamics of gold is questionable, the thing is that the dollar index is trying to grow again and this gives little chance of simultaneous strengthening of gold.

CL (WTI Oil)

The long-awaited correction in the oil market has come. After virtually 10% decline, oil is under pressure again today. In the zone from 57.50 to 55, you can make purchases in the hope of continuing the uptrend.

NG (Gas)

Trying to find the bottom. A rebound to the 2.8 area is possible from the current levels. The last value is 2.52.

KC (Coffee)

The enthusiasm of the last week lost a little, however, it may still try to reach the previous local maximum of 1.40 or higher.


The market didn’t reach only 0.5 kopecks to the 72nd hole and immediately after that went higher. In this case, everything is more than understandable given the dynamics of oil. The question is whether the currency will be able to overcome the 76.5 line.

BTC (Bitcoin)

The first cryptocurrency was trading sideways near the maximum values. The last value is 55700. The levels for buying are 48000, 44000, 28000.

HG (Copper)

Copper is trading sideways, the last value is 4.05, purchases are not earlier than 3.85.

PL (Platinum)

We are still waiting for the 1350 levels for 50% of the remaining position, while it stands without loss at the entry level 1130.

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

Bonds are making frantic attempts to bounce higher while everything is very uncertain. The last value is 156. Goals to the top are 164.

DX (Dollar Index)

So far, everything is going like clockwork and after consolidating above the 91.50 levels, the index goes higher to 92.50 and further to 93/95 that we predicted a couple of weeks ago.

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