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Financial market analysis

16 December 2020


The week passed in a weak correction, but today it is growing again. We are at the maximum values, there is no point in buying the index, we are looking at individual stocks.

PA (Palladium)

The last value is 2320. The benchmark is still up to 2500.

GC (Gold)

While it is too early to talk about gains before breaking the 1900 mark, we are still correcting a long uptrend that is almost a year long. The last value is 1857. Out of position.

CL (WTI Oil)

Without fanaticism, but moving higher and higher. The last value is 47.57, it is quite possible that the level will increase to a round figure of 50.00.

NG (Gas)

Congratulations to those who purchased the asset on our recommendation last week! Indeed 2.40 / 2.45 was a good entry. In addition, they stopped exactly at our first target – 2.7 (+ 12.5%). There is a 50/50 chance that from this point the indicator will reach 3.40 or go back to 2.40, possibly lower.

KC (Coffee)

We were right that growth will continue. The last value is 124.85. Perhaps he will try to reach 134.50.


The ruble is consolidating at 73.50. According to many investment houses, the “fair” price is much lower, levels of 71.00 are given, and the most daring predict even 68.00. Even if we consider such a scenario, then before that we with a high degree of probability will first see 76 and only then a downward movement. In many ways, this is not so much the strengthening of the ruble itself, albeit at the good price of oil, as the weakness of the dollar itself.

BTC (Bitcoin)

At the moment, the levels 16400, 14800 look extremely interesting. I think if you buy an asset from these levels, it can be a good deal. I would not buy to break the maximum, RISK / REWARD is too weak.

HG (Copper)

We are waiting for the correction at 3.25 3.20 and again into the battle. The last value is 3.55

PL (Platinum)

It looks like we will soon see a protracted trend for this asset. The last value is 1046. I still consider the nearest upward level – 1170

US, ZB (30-year bond futures)

We are shorting again from 174, perhaps we will see 171.

DX (Dollar Index)

More and more experts are inclined to believe that the dollar index will go down by 10-20%, which is very significant. While we are at the lower border of the channel – 90. We are waiting for a rebound to 92 / 92.30 and will sell again.

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16 December 2020
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