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Domino’s Pizza (#DPZ) analysis

Domino’s Pizza (#DPZ) analysis

17 February 2021

Domino’s Pizza is an American foodservice company. Manages the world’s largest pizza chain. The chain, which is represented in 85 countries of the world and includes 15,900 restaurants, sells more than 3 million pizzas per day. The company owns 390 restaurants in the United States, the rest are franchised. The company has become one of the pioneers in this business segment in the United States. After all, the history of Domino’s Pizza goes back more than 50 years.

The main competitors of the company are global fast food chains such as Subway, Yum Brands and McDonald’s.

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Q3 revenue: $ 967M B (+ 11% YoY)

Q3 Operating Income: $ 162M (+ 5% YoY)

Q3 net income: $ 100M (-17% YoY)

Earnings per share last quarter: $ 2.49, below the $ 2.78 forecast

The company managed to survive the crisis due to the high share of revenue from online orders.

Distribution of revenue by business segment:

Supply chain – 59.58%

U.S. stores – 33.98%

International Franchise – 6.43%

Current Quarter EPS Forecast: $ 3.88

Investors love the company for its growth potential. Because, according to analysts, the company’s international expansion is not over yet. However, the company’s success in each particular country is strongly influenced by the local preferences of the population. It should be noted that Domino’s tries to develop menus for each country in accordance with the tastes of the population, which helps the company to better adapt to new markets.

However, the company’s dividend yield remains low – the forward yield is only 0.8%, which is below the average for the US market.

Thus, Domino’s Pizza is a company with a successful business model and high potential. But it seems that almost all of this potential has already been taken into account in the current quotes for the company’s shares.

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