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ConocoPhillips Analysis (#COP)

ConocoPhillips Analysis (#COP)

23 June 2021

ConocoPhillips is an American oil company. It is the third largest U.S. company by capitalization, reliable oil and gas reserves, and production, and the second largest by oil refining volumes; the fifth largest company in the world (among non-state companies) by reliable oil and gas reserves. The company’s main global activities are: oil exploration and production, oil refining (transportation of petroleum products), natural gas production, production of chemicals and plastics, and sale of patented technological processes.

The company’s main competitors are Occidental Petroleum Corp, Chevron Corp, and Exxon Mobil Corp.

Revenue for the last quarter: $9.8 B (+60% compared to the same period of the previous year)

Operating income for the last quarter: $1.3 B (+174% compared to the same period of the previous year)

Net income for the last quarter: $982M

Geographical distribution of revenue:

United States – 70.43%

Norway – 7.59%

Canada – 6.71%

Indonesia – 3.67%

Malaysia – 3.25%

Australia – 3.22%

Other – 5.13%

Against the background of rapid growth in oil prices, the company’s financial indicators for the last quarter showed a serious increase. Moreover, in 2020, #COP acquired Concho Resources, a company that develops oil and natural gas fields. However, on the rise in US inflation, operating expenses may also rise. But it is too early to talk about a possible significant drop in marginality.

Thus, market conditions are now conducive to the prosperity of ConocoPhillips. Moreover, many analysts predict the price of oil per barrel at $100, which certainly increases the attractiveness of the company for a potential investor.

23 June 2021
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