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Cisco Analysis (#CSCO)

Cisco Analysis (#CSCO)

14 April 2021

Cisco is an American multinational company that develops and sells network equipment intended primarily for large organizations and telecommunications enterprises. One of the features of the company’s business model has become a multi-level branched system of certification of computer network engineers. Because the exams of this system test knowledge of not only Cisco products, but also knowledge of network technologies and protocols, many organizations, even those working on network equipment from other companies, recognize the value of Cisco professional certifications.

The main competitors of the company are Dell Technologies Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co and Arista Networks Inc.

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Revenue Last Quarter: $ 12.0B (+ 0% YoY)

Last Quarter Operating Profit: $ 3.2B (-5% YoY)

Last Quarter Net Income: $ 2.5B (-12% YoY)

Earnings per share last quarter: $ 0.79, above $ 0.76 forecast

The crisis had little impact on the company’s activities.

Distribution of revenue by business segment:

Infrastructure Platforms – 55.01%

Service – 27.02%

Applications – 11.29%

Security – 6.40%

Other Products – 0.27%

Cisco is already a mature company with a stable dividend payout. At current prices, the forward dividend yield is around 3%, which, given the S&P 500’s dividend yield of 2%, is a good indicator. In addition, over the past few years (excluding 2020), the company has been increasing its revenue.

Thus, #CSCO is a mature company with a stable business model and stable cash flows even in times of crisis (as shown by 2020). In addition to capital gains from improved financial performance and share buybacks, investors are also receiving good dividend yields in USD.

14 April 2021
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