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Analytics of financial market

Analytics of financial market

30 August 2023

ES (S&P 500)

S&P 500 correction is over. We not only managed to make money on the shorts, which we have been talking about for more than a month, but also managed to buy and close long positions by the current time. The latest value is 4527.

PA (Palladium)

Palladium is trying to test the bottoms. The latest value is 1220. It is very likely that it will move even lower. We observe without a position.

GC (Gold)

The latest value is 1976. Gold bounces due to the movement of the dollar. The upward movement is likely to be limited. Without a position.

CL (WTI Oil)

The correction from the levels indicated by us has ended and oil is again making attempts to grow. No position yet. The latest value is 81.80.

NG (Gas)

Gas is still trying to return to growth. Most likely, it will be in the range of 3 – 2.50 for another couple of months. Let’s hope that volatility will return to the market. Levels up 3.5 and 5.0

KC (Coffee)

Coffee most likely found the bottom. There is a chance of a reversal from here if the level of 142 stands. The latest value is 155. So far, no position.


The latest value is 96.10. Despite non-market pricing, we are still waiting for a correction to the levels of 70-80. 


As we warned, there was a sharp correction from the 30,000 levels. The latest value is 27200. While there is no interest in entering into transactions.

HG (Copper)

The latest value is 3.84. There is no special interest in trading. It is quite possible to further decrease to 3.60. We expect.

ZB (30-year Bond Futures) 

The latest value is 121-10. Bonds continue to decline due to the FED rate hike. After the correction to 123-124, one should continue to sell. We observe without a position.

DX (Dollar Index)

We have significantly increased sales in the dollar index and are already in a small plus at the moment.

30 August 2023
Analytics of financial market

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