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Analysis of financial markets

Analysis of financial markets

13 April 2022

Last week, the main focus was still on the situation with Ukraine. The West is imposing more and more sanctions, but along with all this there is a strong feeling that gas will be in severe shortage in Europe next winter, which will not only affect the standard of living of all Europeans, but will also raise the price of the asset even higher than it is now.

ES (S&P500)

The last value is 4400. The market is trying to stay closer to its maximum values. Now we should carefully monitor whether the market will be able to go to a new high or stop here and go to test its bottoms at the level of 4100.

PA (Palladium)

The last value is 2385. After the rapid growth, there was an equally rapid correction. Our forecast that the market will grow is still being justified.

GC (Gold)

The last value is 1980. Good levels to buy are 1910 and 1880. We are waiting.

CL (WTI Oil)

The last value is 102.20. We successfully bought oil on the correction, which we wrote about last week. Another wave of growth is quite possible, given that purchases were made at the lowest prices, we can wait.

NG (Gas)

The last value is 6.80. Our last forecast has worked out in full. We closed our long position closer to the previous highs at 6.50. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Now we are looking at sales. We are watching.

KC (Coffee)

Coffee slowly continues its growth. It is not sure that we will break through the previous maximum. The current situation can also be interpreted as a global reversal, so we are choosing a wait-and-see position for now.


The last value is 79.90. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has abolished 12% of the tax on currency exchange since Monday. If we were in an ideal market without all the interventions and prohibitions from the regulator, then we could assume that the rate once again goes closer to 95-100, before it already thoroughly falls to 50 or below. We are waiting.

BTC (Bitcoin)

The last value is 40000. Bitcoin, like the American market, is waiting for further signals either to rise or to fall. At the moment, it is necessary to monitor the 47000 and 35000 levels, the breaking of any of them will determine the further dynamics. Up to this point, the market may be in a range position for a long time. 

HG (Copper)

The last value is 4.70. At the moment we have an average entry price of 4.60. We set breakeven and observe.

US, ZB (Futures on 30-year bonds)

Bonds are still under pressure. The last value is 142.10. We expect a slight pullback in order to gain short positions again. The level for sale is 151.

DX (Dollar Index)

The last value is 100.40. So the dollar index broke the anniversary level of 100, the last time we were there in the middle of 2020. It makes sense to consider purchases from the levels of 97.80 and 97.20. We’re waiting.

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