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Analysis of financial markets

Analysis of financial markets

9 March 2022

The financial world has an extremely unstable situation. Volatility in assets has a high potential. Now we are witnessing the very time when only professionals can feel confident in the market. The “buy and hold” market completed its phase at the end of last year. Now we need to choose assets especially carefully and, given the current volatility, reduce volumes.

ES (S&P500)

The last value is 4170. The market is weak. Buyers tried to buy drawdowns, but it did not lead to an increase in the index, on the contrary, against the background of the current situation in the world, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the American market is ready to dive deeper. With a high probability, sales will continue and, perhaps, the next stop will be 4000. We are waiting.

PA (Palladium)

The last value is 3150. As we said last week, the asset rapidly went higher and broke through its historical maximum. Unfortunately, there was no clear entry point, so we had to improvise and work within the framework of day trading, which also yielded results, but of course not as tangible as if we had just bought at prices a week ago. Palladium, like other metals, is extremely interesting now and, quite possibly, we will see its growth in the near future.

GC (Gold)

The last value is 2060. Everything happens exactly according to the scenario described earlier. It remains to grow to the historical highs of 2121. Neither technology nor the current world situation contradict such a scenario of events. Congratulations to those who dared to buy with us on breaking the 1880 level!

CL (WTI Oil)

The last value is 124.70. Against the background of geopolitical tensions, the price of this asset is getting more expensive by leaps and bounds. At the moment, there is a probability of a repeat of the historical maximum of 150.

NG (Gas)

The last value is 4.58. American gas does not strongly correlate with European gas, but nevertheless it is also trying to grow. As we said last week, growth is expected for this asset. And so it turned out. We closed our purchases around 5.00. We are watching.

KC (Coffee)

Coffee has been moving in an uptrend for more than a year, and we are trying to take on rollbacks, no changes. The last value is 232.15. The levels for buying 238, 230 have worked. We are watching.


The last value is 127.50. The ruble, if it is not the most volatile instrument in the world at the moment, then it is certainly the most volatile currency. It is not surprising, given the current situation. We would not recommend speculating on this asset at the moment. The movements are too fast and everything is too politicized. At the moment, an equally probable scenario will be both an upward movement to historical highs of 160, and a further correction to 110. We are waiting.

BTC (Bitcoin)

The last value is 38600. Bitcoin is trying to push off and go higher, but the general situation and the latest correlation with the stock market does not allow it to go higher yet. We are watching.

HG (Copper)

The last value is 4.77. So we arrived to the transaction in this asset. Recall that for the last six months we haven’t had any transactions in this asset, because it was standing in the corridor and did not represent much interest for trading. Already from the 4.75 level, we ventured upon the deal. We are watching.

US, ZB (Futures on 30-year bonds)

Bonds are still under pressure. The last value is 157.10, there is a chance to reach 148 levels. We are on sale from level 158. As for bonds in general, the picture is that the markets are already forecasting the raising of rates, therefore the price of this asset will continue to go down (the value of bonds is lower, the yield is higher).

DX (Dollar Index)

The dollar index is expected to grow due to such geopolitical news. Congratulations to those who bought from our recommended levels of 95.90 and 95.20 three weeks ago! However, it is not worth waiting too much, so it is better to close the deal here. We are watching.

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