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Analysis of financial market

Analysis of financial market

8 June 2023

ES (S&P 500)

S&P 500 moves up on the hype on artificial intelligence. The latest value is 4300. The upward goals were achieved (4250). Given that only 15-20 companies are moving the index, an early correction is possible. We observe without a position.

PA (Palladium)

Palladium, after storming all possible levels, went up into an equally rapid correction to 1408. Now it is testing its minimum values, if it holds here, then growth is possible again. We observe without a position.

GC (Gold)

The correction in gold occurred, however, it was strong enough to fall only until 1940. The latest value is 1980. Most likely, it will try to storm its highs again (2060). It looks logical to buy here with a stop below 1940.

CL (WTI Oil)

The oil market is under pressure. The United States is trying to drag it down to replenish its reserves. However, OPEC’s actions suggest the opposite. In fact, the minimum values are now and with a high probability we will soon see prices closer to $100 per barrel again closer to autumn.

NG (Gas)

The gas, which has decreased almost 4 times from its highs, is trying to find the bottom. The latest value is 2.33. Levels up 3.5 and 5.0

KC (Coffee)

Coffee does not look unambiguous, there is a chance of a small increase, but with a 60% probability we will see another collapse. We think it’s worth waiting for further dynamics and not trading this asset now.


The latest value is 81.82 The rate that currently suits all market participants. It is unlikely that we will see any sharp movement in the next quarter. It is quite possible to trade in the range of 75-85. 


A correction has been overdue for Bitcoin for a long time. The SEC is adding fuel to the fire with its attacks on Binance and Coinbase. Most likely, the correction will continue. We are waiting for the lower indicators to start purchasing. Without a position.

HG (Copper)

Copper went even lower to 3.55. Now we see the closing of the shorts, as a result of which the market rebounded to the current 3.77.

ZB (Futures for 30-year bonds)

The latest value is 127-06. Bonds are strictly traded in a given trend and do not want to leave it yet. We managed to close our shorts at 126-00. We observe without a position.

DX (Dollar Index)

The dollar index held the level of 101. The latest value is 103.85. However, the momentum is weak and with a high probability it will go lower again. We are in sales with a stop at 104.50.

8 June 2023
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