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Analysis of financial market

Analysis of financial market

2 August 2023

Over the past two weeks, the broad market has remained at its highs without any strong movements. Now there is a reporting season, in which the traditionally broad market jumps back and forth every day, which, in fact, we have been observing for the last 2-3 weeks. The main moving assets were the Dollar Index (which primarily had an impact on precious metals, as well as other assets that are traded in dollars). Oil and petroleum products have also performed well, growth since the beginning of July and no intention to stop. The ruble is also holding closer to its lows.

ES (S&P 500) 

The S&P500 will soon go into correction. We took a short position on the S&P500 Dow Jones 30 and especially the Nasdaq 100. The latest value is 4608. 

PA (Palladium)

Palladium is trying to test the bottoms. The latest value is 1234. It is very likely that it will move even lower. We observe without a position.

GC (Gold)

The latest value is 1985. So the dollar index began to move, which immediately affected the value of gold, especially silver. After the price increase, gold looks down again. Without a position.

CL (WTI Oil)

The oil market showed further growth. After taking the levels of 84-85, a more significant increase is possible. Most likely through correction. No position yet. 

NG (Gas)

Gas is still trying to return to growth but no results so far. It is quite possible to grow in late spring before the winter season. The latest value is 2.62. Let’s hope that volatility will return to the market. Levels up 3.5 and 5.0.

KC (Coffee)

Coffee has fallen quite seriously and can give a correction to the top. The latest value is 163. Up to 170 easily. Those who bought at 155 on our recommendation, I advise you to wait for the level of 170 or higher. 


The latest value is 92.20. Despite the “games” of the Central Bank, we are waiting for a correction to the levels of 70. 


Bitcoin took a pause before the next move. So far, it is going into the expected correction. The latest value is 28800. 

HG (Copper)

Copper is trying to grow with the market. However, copper is significantly behind. At the moment, trading is in the range. The latest value is 3.93. There is no special interest for trading. We are waiting.

ZB (30-Year Bond Futures)

The latest value 123-07. Bonds continue to decline due to the FED rate hike. We observe without a position.

DX (Dollar Index)

The dollar index started moving and scared everyone so badly, breaking through the semi-annual support at 100.70. After that, it has already managed to bounce back, the latest value is 102.15. Without a position, we are watching.

2 August 2023
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