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Analysis of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc

Analysis of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc

14 October 2022

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals: Venture Capital Investment

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals is one of the key companies in the pharmaceutical sector, which holds a leading position in the development of drugs based on the mechanism of RNA interference, RNAi. The business has actively risen in the context of research and under the leadership of Dr. Chris Anzalone.

So far, there are no drugs based on RNAi technology in the portfolio of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals. There are 16 names in different phases of the study, and 5 drugs in the second productive phase. The Targeted RNAi Molecule Platform has already been created in order to develop drugs based on RNA interference.

This platform will ensure effective research and market launch of new drugs in the future.

Business strengths:

  • bet on progressive drugs;
  • the possibility of acquiring the company by one of the Big Pharma players;
  • really huge prospects.


  • constant growth of research costs. In fiscal year 2021, spending on research doubled to $206 million. Net loss for the reporting period was $1.36 per share. This is a normal practice for an enterprise at the research stage;
  • possible research stoppage or non-receipt of permits from the FDA.

The consensus forecast for the paper for 18-24 months is $100-105.

On the daily chart, the MACD indicator is growing in the negative area, which gives grounds for the formation of a buy signal. The Stochastic oscillator declines in the negative area and signals a sale. The current negative technical picture is related to the fall of the broad market and has nothing to do with what is happening with the issuer.

14 October 2022
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