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Analog Devices: it is worth believing the forecasts

Analog Devices: it is worth believing the forecasts

30 November 2022

For seven consecutive quarters with strong data and confident contracts with leading consumers, subject to external turbulence, this is Analog Devices.

The Analog Devices business is the production of chips. Earlier we talked about the representatives of this market segment and came to a conclusion about their sustainability and potential. Analog Devices is a bet on all three areas of work and a great result.

Strengths of Analog Devices:

  • production of chips for industrial applications, Industrial, increased by 51% in the IV fiscal quarter;
  • chips for cars are in great demand (+21% per quarter);
  • The communications segment is also a strong customer of Analog Devices products (+19%).

Business revenue in the fourth quarter increased by 39% YoY to $3.3 billion, which turned out to be stronger than forecasts. Adjusted EPS rose 58% YoY to $2.73.

In general, the 2022 fiscal year was very successful for Analog Devices:

  • revenue +64% YoY to $12 billion;
  • adjusted EPS +48% YoY to $9.6;
  • operating profit margin +4.2 points year-on-year to $27.3%.

The company expects sales and profit growth in the new quarter.

The consensus forecast for Analog Devices shares for the year is $180-220.

30 November 2022
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