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Financial market analysis

9 September 2020


The index went into correction and went below the 3400 level as we had predicted. Today – tomorrow there will be an opportunity to go to the long. The prices are excellent, it is quite possible that we will see at least one more trip up.


As part of last week’s review, we warned that the downward movement of oil is likely to be sharp and rapid. Our expectations were confirmed. In this case, the movement can be continued after a slight upward correction.


Trades last week passed without much enthusiasm. Looks more upward overall, but we may still see a decline before taking the all-time high at 2090.


Precisely went down to the level that we gave last week the forecast – 2400, now after a rollback it will try to pass this level and further already at 2800.


We went into correction together with American indices and oil. At the moment, it is trying to hold on to 10,000, if it succeeds, then the previous maximum of 12400 we will fly by with lightning speed.


The second script we gave last week worked! While it is expected to move up the chart to levels 76, 77.80, 82.80.


So far, it is moving in accordance with our forecast to the level 142. Last week we managed to take the level 135.

Natural Gas (USA)

The asset goes down to the levels indicated by us for another minimum 0.2 down.

To summarize: all of our predictions were very accurate last week.

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9 September 2020
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