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Analisys of financial markets

Analisys of financial markets

14 December 2022

The week during which the USA publishes inflation data, and then the Fed makes a decision on the interest rate, cannot be calm. But the capital market finds points of steady growth.

ES (S&P 500)

The last value is 4142. The market turned to 4175.

PA (Palladium)

Last value 1974. Consolidation in a wide range.

GC (Gold)

The last value is 1830. The market has realized the target for 1810 and is heading for 1850.

CL (WTI Oil)

The last value is 74.55. The sales target of 72.00 is fulfilled, a reversal to 77-78 is expected.

NG (Gas)

The last value is 7,040. The scenario with the fall was canceled as quickly as it was formed. Buyers go for 7,315.

KC (Coffee)

The last value is 168.20. The market is preparing to move up from the consolidation corridor with a likely target of 172.50.


The last value is 63.19. The target at 64.00 remains relevant. 


Last value is 17755. The bulls are trying to get to 18500, there are a lot of risks on the way.

HG (Copper)

The last value is 3.8910. The price is ready to break through the upper limit of the consolidation corridor, there may be conditions for growth to 4,0000. It is worth being careful.

ZB (30-year Bond Futures)

The last value is 131.25. The market is steadily moving towards the previous target of 132.00.

DX (Dollar Index)

The last value is 103.80. The rebound did not take place, the price goes to 103.00.

14 December 2022
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