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Analisys of financial market

Analisys of financial market

27 April 2023

ES (S&P 500) 

S&P 500 goes into a small correction. The latest value is 4101. Targets down – 4000. Targets up – 4250.

PA (Palladium)

Palladium, after storming all possible levels up, went into an equally rapid correction to 1506.

GC (Gold)

Gold is trying to stay above 2000 otherwise a deeper correction to 1900 is quite possible.

CL (WTI Oil)

The oil market has been significantly adjusted. Closed OPEC gap. Somewhere here it is necessary to look in the direction of purchase. 

NG (Gas)

Gas, which has decreased almost 4 times from its highs, is trying to find the bottom. The latest value is 2.45 levels up are 3.5 and 5.0

KC (Coffee)

The coffee was adjusted exactly to the level, for those who believe in further growth, it makes sense to buy here. The latest value is 189.95


The latest value is 81.50, the rate that currently suits all market participants. It is unlikely that we will see any sharp movement in the next quarter. It is quite possible to trade in the range of 70-80.


Bitcoin described our scenario last week with the only difference that it went down to 27,000, not 25,000 as we predicted.

HG (Copper)

Copper along with the markets are at their lows. The latest value is 3.85

ZB (30-year Bond Futures)

The latest value is 132-06. Bonds are strictly traded in a given trend and do not want to leave it yet. 

DX (Dollar Index)

The dollar index has not yet decided whether it will break through the 101 level down. Marking time, waiting.

27 April 2023
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