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Adobe Analysis (#ADBE)

Adobe Analysis (#ADBE)

9 June 2021

Adobe is an American software company. The company is a leading manufacturer of software for graphic design, publishing, web and print products with annual revenues approaching $ 4 billion. Adobe Systems is the copyright holder of the PDF and TIFF formats. At the moment, the company’s shareholders are such large funds as Vanguard Group, Blackrock and State Street Corporation.

The main competitors of the company at the moment are Salesforce.Com Inc, Microsoft Corp, Oracle Corp, and Autodesk Inc.

Revenue for 2020: $12.9 B (+15% compared to the previous year)

Operating income for 2020: $4.2 B (+28% y-o-y)

Net income for 2020: $5.3 B (+78% y-o-y)

Earnings per share for the latest quarter: $3.14, up from $2.78 forecast

The company is one of the leaders in the markets of huge software and graphic design

Geographical distribution of revenue:

United States – 52.42%

Europe, Middle East and Africa – 26.42%

Other Asia-Pacific ex-Japan – 8.71%

Japan – 6.94%

Other Americas – 5.50%

Many of the company’s products are unique, because they are the copyright holders of the PDF format – the main format for transmitting documents. Therefore, #ADBE has a niche in which the company feels confident. This can be seen from the marginality of this division. The company’s management also tries to diversify the range of products.

Thus, # ADBE is a company operating in a growing market segment. As the degree of digitalization increases in developing countries, the demand for products will only increase. Therefore, the company’s potential for further development is quite large. However, at the current multipliers, it is quite risky to buy shares of the company.

9 June 2021
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