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Gold: is it a relevant investment?

Gold: is it a relevant investment?

24 July 2020

On July 10, 2020, the hedge fund Aravana Capital Management, represented by co-founder Ivan Kladov and trader with many years of experience Valdis Vuldorfs, organized an online conference: “Gold: is it a relevant investment?” VM Shvetsov, Vice President for Geology of the British gold mining company Chaarat Gold, acted as an invited expert.

During the discussion, the speakers discussed:

– The history of the creation of the gold market;

– Spot market. Gold fixing;

– Basel 3;

– Cost of gold mining and the main mining countries;

– Methods for acquiring gold;

– How risky it is to have shares in gold mining companies;

– How many percent gold can borrow in an investment portfolio;

– Forecasts of speakers in terms of gold dynamics.

To get advice and familiarize yourself with Aravana CM services, we suggest you go to the Products / Analytics tab.

24 July 2020
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